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In Familiy

In Family is the institutional program of the channel and is the proper space to discuss topics which concern all members of the household, while we update viewers in the latest developments of the channel, where are we, where are we going and future events we take part of. Every Friday at 11am Live with broadcast at 7pm.

For you Woman

For you Woman is one of the flagship programs of the channel, it has been on the air for as long as the channel itself, that is why its reception within the female viewers is very high. Done by women for women, even though men also watch it, this program builds ladies with specific word of God, talking to the heart of each one of them and preparing them according to the Lord’s word so that they are a bastion in their homes and every field they get on. It is broadcast Monday to Friday from 9am to 10am Colombia time.

Generation with Purpose

Generation with Purpose is the flagship program of Amor y Fe Youth Ministry, a word of reflection, a message of change and challenge for all youth. Every Saturday is broadcast Live starting at 10am, you can’t miss it!